Equipment maintenance and downtime directly affect your ability to produce and earn. When hydraulic cylinder seals break or leak, repair or replacement becomes a top priority. Don't waste valuable time trying to find the right seal or waiting for it to arrive. PSP Seals is here to help you find what you need and get your production back on track.

PSP Seals has been serving maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) for fluid power, heavy-duty, and many other industries for more than two decades. Our experience and global resources allow us to find what you need or we can make it in-house with our custom machining capabilities.

Whether you've got agricultural equipment that needs to be repaired or manufacturing equipment leaking, we offer counter sales from our Fort Wayne warehouse to get you what you need ASAP. If we have it on hand, you can get it as soon as the next day, or we can create a custom seal for you with zero lead time available. 

MRO Services:

  • Custom Seal Solutions
  • Part Identification
  • Custom Materials
  • Engineering Analysis & Recommendation
  • Reverse Engineering

We distribute for globally recognized manufacturers such as Parker, Trelleborg, Freudenberg, Garlock, Greene Tweed, Hutchinson, Black Hawk Seals, and more. Browse online or contact our expert team to help find what you need today!

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