Started in 2000 by engineers from the sealing industry, PSP Seals, LLC has nearly a quarter century of experience delivering the right products at the right price at the right time to our customers. Created by the merger of Pro Seal & Plastics, LLC and Seal Products, LLC, PSP Seals is now a trusted name and partner throughout the sealing industry. Our experience and passion for helping our customers means quality results every time.

At PSP Seals, we listen closely to your needs and provide simple yet innovative and cost-effective solutions. Our customer service, technical support, engineering, and warehouse capabilities are centrally located in Fort Wayne, IN to fulfill your sealing requirements. Our ISO 9001:2015 certification provides a basis for our continual improvement in service and support.

In order to provide specialized focus, PSP Seals is the product of Pro Seal, Seal Products, and Pro Seal Government Group serving customers through three distinct avenues: Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM), Maintenance, Repair & Operations (MRO), and Government Contracts. 

Who we serve


PSP Seals is an industry-leading provider of sealing products and custom solutions primarily to OEM Customers. Major markets include Fluid Power, Life Sciences, Processing, Industrial, Transportation and Energy. PSP Seals distributes sealing products for globally recognized manufacturers, including: Black Hawk Seals, Parker, Trelleborg, Freudenberg, Garlock, Greene Tweed, Hutchinson and others.


PSP Seals' experienced contract management personnel support the Department of Defense through the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) supply chain, direct to Armed Services, other government agencies and serving as a Subcontractor to Prime Contractors.


PSP Seals is also an industry-leading supplier of sealing products to Aftermarket / Maintenance & Repair customers (MRO). PSP Seals is known for its rapid response and technical capabilities with the motto of “Every Seal. Every Day.” Counter sales and consultations are available onsite at 3702 Vanguard Drive, Fort Wayne, IN, 46809.

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