• Web browser based bar code scanner system
  • Website access for data management
  • Automates and consolidates reordering & replenishment of inventory
  • Automated remote order entry electronically transmits orders directly to PSP and other recipients eliminating manual entry

Efficiencies Provided

  • Reduce inventory costs
  • Reduce order processing costs
  • Save time and paperwork
  • Eliminate ordering errors 
  • Implement lean manufacturing 
  • Reduce on-hand inventory 
  • Increase turns Increase cash flow 
  • Reduce work-in-progress and finished goods inventory through better order execution

Allows Automation

  • Order entry processes
  • Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) programs
  • Customer Managed Inventory (CMI) programs
  • Bin stocking programs
  • Kanban lean process

Fast & Simple Implementation

  • Initial set up and managing of system by PSP
  • PSP provides on-site set up of software & testing
  • Identify part numbers and bin locations
  • Fill out web form with part information
  • Print barcode labels
  • Apply labels to bins
  • Verify test order
  • iZap ready to use

Ordering Process

  • Scan barcode labels begins reorder cycle
  • Lead time established during initial set up
  • Transmit order to iZap web server
  • PSP receives electronic order
  • Seals picked, packed and shipped “just in time”
  • Order delivered to your facility
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